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The Spirit of Pronzini Christmas Trees

Christmas, I love Christmas, I love shopping for presents for my loved ones, thinking about the gifts I want to give, the wrapping and arranging them under the beautiful Christmas tree. I love the planning and preparing Christmas dinner, filling the house with wonderful fragrant smells hoping everyone comes and has a good time and still talking to each other when they leave.

Most of all though, I love the Christmas tree, I love the excitement as the hunt begins for the perfect tree finally when everyone is in agreement we bring it home hoping it’s not too tall too short too fat or too skinny and most important stands up straight. Somehow it always fits and always looks beautiful, I am never disappointed and my tree is always perfect and beautiful. I even love the decorating (stringing lights not so much) but choosing ornaments making sure you hang the one a family member made fifteen years ago and always showcasing the sentimental ones and maneuvering for position of your favorites.

The thing I love the most though is the smell, how can you replicate the fresh green smell of a real Christmas tree, it is the only time of year you get the odor of a forest inside your home every day. I love looking at my tree first thing in the morning and turning the lights off at night, it always makes me feel confident that as long as I can put up my tree all is well with the world for now. I love the tradition of the Christmas tree it holds the essence of Christmas for me.

If Christmas is important to you as it is for us, it has to include a REAL Christmas tree.

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